For the Attack Buff, see Weakened/Attack Buff

Effect Icon 039 Red  Weakened/Ослабление
Дебафф 3 раунда
 Снижает атаку на 25%

Связанные / Подобные эффекты:

Шаблон:EI-Exploits Weakness Уязвимость Ослабления
Effect Icon 030 Green Усиление
3 раунда
Effect Icon 039 Red
 Снижает атаку на 25%


Icon Name
50px Army of One
50px Assault Shotgun
50px "Barking Dog" Shotgun
Ceramic Knife Ceramic Knife
Chakra Strike Chakra Strike
Effect Icon 012 Red Pressure Points
(50% chance)
50px Crescent Flayer
Crystal Shiv Crystal Shiv
Effect Icon 012 Red Pressure Points
(50% chance)
50px Custom Assault Shotgun
50px Custom "Barking Dog" Shotgun
Frag Bracer Custom Frag Bracer
Custom M616 Combat Shotgun Custom M616 Combat Shotgun
Frag Bracer Frag Bracer
Golden Glazed Ceramic Knife Golden Glazed Ceramic Knife
50px M616 Combat Shotgun
Multishot Injector Multishot Injector
Effect Icon 111 Red Suitable Patient
Scourging Gaze Scourging Gaze
Effect Icon 039 Red Weakened
Second Amendment Second Amendment
50px "Tenderizer" Shotgun
50px Wrist Slinger


Icon Name
Present Present
50px The Crippler
50px Stinger I
Stinger II
Stinger III
Stinger IV


Name Ability
Black Widow Icon 1 Black Widow Icon 2 Black Widow Icon 3
 Black Widow
Файл:Black Widow-Widow's Bite.png
Widow's Bite
Cable Icon 1

Effect Icon 083 Green T-O Overdrive Mode

Cable-Techno-Organic Rampage
Techno-Organic Rampage
Effect Icon 012 Red Pressure Points
(50% chance)
Captain Britain Icon 1
 Captain Britain
Captain Britain-Right Is Might
Right Is Might
Constrictor Icon 1
Effect Icon 085 Green Quartermaster
(By procing The Crippler or Stinger)
Daredevil Icon 1
Daredevil-Snap Kick
Snap Kick
Deadpool Icon 1
Deadpool-No Holds Barred
No Holds Barred
Effect Icon 031 Red Lots of Red Boxes
(22% chance)
Havok Icon 1
Havok-Plasma Spheres
Plasma Spheres
Effect Icon 012 Red Pressure Points
(50% chance)
Hawkeye Icon 2
Hawkeye-Sure Shot
Sonic Arrow
Hawkeye-Arrow Volley
Sonic Volley
Шаблон:EI-Loaded Quiver Loaded Quiver
Шаблон:EI-Sonic Arrow Sonic Arrow
Magik Icon 1
Magik-Stepping Disc
Stepping Disc
(Requires 1x Soul Charge)
Effect Icon 012 Red Pressure Points
(50% chance)
Mockingbird Icon 1
Mockingbird-Twin Strike
Twin Strike
Effect Icon 012 Red Pressure Points
(50% chance)
Nightcrawler Icon 1 Nightcrawler Icon 2
Nightcrawler-Night Kick
Night Kick
Punisher Icon 1
Infiltrator Punisher
Punisher-CE-3 Sniper Rifle
CE-3 Sniper Rifle
Rogue Icon 1
Rogue-Drain Essence
Drain Essence
Satana Icon 1
Satana-Soul Kiss
Soul Kiss
Effect Icon 039 Red Infernal Magicks
(to All Allies)
Scarlet Witch Icon 1
 Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch-Probability Field
Probability Field
Effect Icon 006 Blue Probability Field
(18% chance)
Sif Icon 1 Sif Icon 2
Sif-Flying Sword
Flying Sword
Thundra Icon 1
Thundra-Lightning Round
Lightning Round
Effect Icon 012 Red Pressure Points
(50% chance)
Wasp Icon 1
Wasp-Bioenergy Blast
Bioenergy Blast


Name Ability
Arnim Zola Icon
 Arnim Zola
Summon Test Subject
Black Widow-B Icon
 Black Widow
Widow's Bite
Hydra Soldier Icon
Dark Hawkeye Icon
 Dark Hawkeye
Sonic Arrow
Doctor Octopus Icon
 Doctor Octopus
Isotope Injection
(when Iso-8 Outbreak! occured)
Dr. Doom Icon
 Dr. Doom
Arc Lightning
Шаблон:EnemyS3 Crushing Blow
Hand Dragon Icon
 Hand Dragon
Sap Kick
Mission Chapter 8 - Mission 5, Chapter 9 - Mission 3, Chapter 10 - Mission 6
Hand Scorpion Icon
 Hand Scorpion
Sap Kick
Mission Chapter 8 - Mission 5, Chapter 9 - Mission 3, Chapter 10 - Mission 6
Instigator Icon Instigator2 Icon
Gut Shot
Mission Chapter 8 - Mission 3, Chapter 9 - Mission 1
Spec Ops 4.1, 5.1
Jack O'Lantern Icon
 Jack O'Lantern
Wrist Zap
Loki Icon
Lightning Spire
M.O.D.O.K. Icon
Induce Depression

Story: Season 2: 1.6

Magik-B Icon
Stepping Disc
Magneto Icon
Gravitation Well
Muscle Icon
Crushing Blow
Chapter 8 - Mission 2
Spec Op 1.2
Mockingbird-B Icon
Twin Strike
Sandman Icon
Hammer Head
Satana Icon
Hammer Head
Selene Icon
TA-Beta Icon
Wrong Thinking
TA-Delta Icon
Wrong Thinking
Taskmaster Icon
Flying Sword
Loki Icon
Wrecker Icon
Crowbar of the gods
Mission Chapter 5 - Mission 5, Chapter 10 - Mission 6
Spec Ops 1.3, 5.1, 5.3