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Кодовое Имя Гамбит
Реальное Имя Реми Этьен Лебо
Рост 6'1"
Вес 179 Фунтов
Интеллект 3
Сила 3
Скорость 3
Выносливость 3
Контролирование Энергии 5
Навыки Боя 4
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Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters Student Record: Gambit

Given Name: Rémy Etienne LeBeau

Gender: Male

Nation of Origin: USA

Enrolled: Fourth Class

Grade Point Average (GPA): N/A

Danger Room Median Success Rate (DRMSR): 9.45

Active Mutations: Gambit has the ability to convert the potential energy stored in an object into kinetic energy. Once “charged,” the object will then shortly explode. Because the amount of time it takes to charge an object is commiserate to the size of said object, Gambit prefers charging and throwing small items in combat, most notably his omnipresent playing cards.

Passive Mutations: Enhanced agility, static interference and nearly “hypnotic” charm.

Hereditary Mutation? None known.

Student Background: Gambit was kidnapped from the hospital nursery not long after his birth and raised among New Orleans’ Thieves Guild. In his late teens a conflict between that Guild and the Assassins’ Guild forced him to leave the city. He fell in with the mutant mercenaries known as the Marauders, which brought him into conflict with my X-Men . He soon believed we were fighting on the side of right, however, and chose to join us instead.

Headmaster Notes: Not unlike Wolverine , it is difficult to describe a man with such a breadth of skill and experience as Gambit as a “student.” But also not unlike Wolverine, Gambit has spent his life on the run and in the shadows. What he can learn from our school is the sense of community and fellowship that his background sorely lacks.


Charles Xavier

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