This page contains some of the Known Issues of the game. For a work-around of some issues, please consult the official forum's Known Issues page.



  • Addition and/or removal of most buffs/debuffs are not applied when moving to the next wave
  • Epic Bosses in Season 2 Chapter 2 give 1/3/5 Command Points instead of 3/5/10.
  • When players obtain all 15 stars of a special op, an additional pop up is shown. Screenshot courtesy of SiegeCeth


  • Display bug on heroes in opponent's profile whom he/she attacked you, when a player hovers any of them, it displays level 1.
  • "3 Heroes" and "2 Agents" teams. Screenshot proof courtesy of Phtc




  • There is a spelling error in Daredevil's EISO name. Tylphotic Empowered Iso-8 should spell Typhlotic. The word Typhlotic stems from typhlosis, meaning blindness.
  • Some of old Spec Op and PVP tasks are still present.
  • When cancelling the Blueprint: Algrim's Rage research, researching it again the message will appear and says "Too Expensive", even though the player has more than required research cost.

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