1. Глава 1 - Экскалибур
    1. Миссия 1 - Искуственный сахарозаменитель
    2. Миссия 2 - Транс-атлантический
    3. Миссия 3 - Меч в Камне
    4. Миссия 4 - Стервятника в депутаты
    5. Миссия 5 - Боже, храни королеву
    6. Премиум Миссия: Поймать вора

Глава 1 - ExcaliburПравить

Миссия 1 - Искуственный сахарозаменительПравить

Шаблон:Битвы в Миссии

"Rogue and Gambit thought they were out for a quiet date. Dinner, a movie, that kind of thing. But S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to have to cut their dessert short, because there are Sentinels on the move."

Heroes Required: Rogue and Gambit
Appears in: Chapter 1 - Excalibur, Mission 1 - Artificial Sweetener
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Caressing Empowered Iso-8, Pilfered Empowered Iso-8

This is the first and earliest Heroic Battle that can be encountered by players in the game. Prior to the October 15, 2013 update, Prime Sentinels in this battle never changed to other classes using their Abilities, rendering Rogue's Шаблон:EI-Absorb Class Absorb Class only obtaining Шаблон:EI-Ubiquitous Power Ubiquitous Power in this fight. Since the update, they now change their class during their first turn, allowing Rogue more versatility. In some cases, Rogue is able to absorb the class powers of both Sentinels, if the Sentinel she is using Absorb Power on has had the other Sentinel transfer it's class bonus.

Mission 2 - Trans-AtlanticПравить

Героическая Битва
Волна 1
Sabretooth Icon Sabretooth Scrappericon
Пассивные Способности: Шаблон:EI-Toxin Immunity
Волна 2
Sabretooth Icon Sabretooth Scrappericon
Пассивные Способности: Шаблон:EI-Toxin Immunity Effect Icon 056 Green
Волна 3
Sabretooth Icon Sabretooth Scrappericon
Пассивные Способности: Шаблон:EI-Toxin Immunity Effect Icon 056 Green Шаблон:EI-Frenzy

"Sabretooth is in London. He's probably on Brotherhood business, but he's moving independently of the main Brotherhood and Hellfire Club forces. We've got Logan tracking him down..there ought to be fireworks pretty soon."

Heroes Required: Wolverine
Appears in: Chapter 1 - Excalibur, Mission 2 - Trans-Atlantic
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, 20px The Exsanguinator, Soothing Empowered Iso-8

This Heroic Battle is unique in that damaging Sabretooth into a certain percentage of health will end the Wave and begin the next Wave at a different Combat Background. Sabretooth cannot be completely defeated in the first two waves and can only be defeated at the third and final Wave. Aside from the Combat background changes, this is also the first battle to grant Heroes a Heroic Battle-exclusive Passive Effect. Wolverine gains Шаблон:EI-Feral Instinct Feral Instinct whenever he defeats Sabretooth in a wave, stacking for up to two times. Sabretooth gains Effect Icon 056 Green Healing Factor in the second wave, and then gains
Шаблон:EI-Frenzy Frenzy at the Final Wave, similar to what his Passive Effects were on Chapter 4 - Mission 6 of Season 1.

Mission 3 - Sword in the StoneПравить

Героическая Битва
Mystique Icon {{{ru}}} Infiltratoricon
Passive: None

"Mystique has cut off her very own son, Nightcrawler, on a patrol while he was tracking Brotherhood activity. He could bamf his way out, but there comes a time in a man's life when he's got to face his demons. Even if one of them is his mother."

Heroes Required: Nightcrawler
Appears in: Chapter 1 - Excalibur, Mission 3 - Sword in the Stone
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, 20px Sonic Fist

For the first time in the game, Mystique can now copy other characters using her Shapeshift ability. In this battle she can Shapeshift to Cyclops and attack using Exploit Weakness, can shapeshift into Wolverine and attack using Deadly Claws and Savage Rend, can shapeshift into Beast and attack using The Jungle and A Farewell to Arms, and shapeshift into Emma Frost and attack using War Diamond.

Mission 4 - Vulture, MPПравить

Героическая Битва
Safety Officer Icon {{{ru}}} Blastericon
Passive: Шаблон:EI-Budget Airfilters
M.O.D.O.K. Icon {{{ru2}}} Blastericon
Passive: Effect Icon 066 Green Шаблон:EI-Doomsday Clock: 3 Шаблон:EI-Organic Machine Interface
Safety Officer Icon {{{ru3}}} Blastericon
Passive: Шаблон:EI-Budget Airfilters

"Spider-Woman was keeping an eye on some of the Hellfire Club locations we've already pacified. Who did she run across rebuilding one of them into an A.I.M. lab? Why, M.O.D.O.K.. Jessica's never liked A.I.M.. She likes M.O.D.O.K. even less."

Heroes Required: Spider-Woman
Appears in: Chapter 1 - Excalibur, Mission 4 - Vulture, MP
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, 20px Nuclear Fuel Rod, Tantalizing Empowered Iso-8

Spider-Woman's Abilities and Effects have certain interactivity with the enemies in this battle. Due to the Bioethicist's Шаблон:EI-Budget Airfilters Budget Airfilters, Spider-Woman can manipulate these enemies into healing and Protecting her. M.O.D.O.K. also has a new Heroic Battle-exclusive Passive Effect called Шаблон:EI-Organic Machine Interface Organic Machine Interface, where due to this effect he becomes vulnerable to bio-electric attacks. Because of this, Spider-Woman can use her Venom Blast in order for M.O.D.O.K. to lose his Doomsday Clock Countdown early and let him use up a turn to reset his countdown back to Шаблон:EI-Doomsday Clock: 3 Doomsday Clock: 3.

Mission 5 - God Save the QueenПравить

Героическая Битва
Thor-B 1 Icon {{{ru}}} Bruisericon
Passive: Effect Icon 140 Green

"Hercules is a man--well, demigod--of simple tastes. He likes to eat, he likes to drink, he likes to test his strength. That means every so often, he starts looking for a fight. When he's feeling fighty and Thor is around, you get a truly epic struggle between demigod and Thunder God."

Heroes Required: Hercules
Appears in: Chapter 1 - Excalibur, Mission 5 - God Save the Queen
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, 20px Thunder Strike, Smiting Empowered Iso-8

This battle marks the second time Thor becomes an enemy, and the first in Story Mission to battle against a Hero (not counting the Villains turned Heroes).

The battle begins with a Heroic Battle-exclusive Passive called
Шаблон:EI-Tough God Tough God applied to both Hercules and Thor that applies Шаблон:EI-Hit Me! Hit Me! to the character that Rests or Recharges, that eventually leads into granting
Шаблон:EI-Unsporting Unsporting to the character that does a non-offensive action while their enemy has Hit Me! in effect. The battle may require proper timing on the use of Abilities, including Recharge, in order to succeed.
Alternatively, this Heroic Battle can be won by simply choosing to rest Hercules for three turns, gaining three stacks of Hit Me!, and taking Thor out with a single attack. Keep in mind that over 20 stacks of Hit Me! may result in healing Thor.

Premium Mission: To Catch a ThiefПравить

Героическая Битва
Волна 1
Ironclad Icon Ironclad Bruisericon
Пассивные Способности: Effect Icon 022 Green
Волна 2
X-Ray Icon X-Ray Blastericon
Пассивные Способности: Effect Icon 066 Green Шаблон:EI-Energy Body
Vector Icon Vector Blastericon
Пассивные Способности: None
Vapor Icon Vapor Infiltratoricon
Пассивные Способности: Effect Icon 066 Green Шаблон:EI-Toxin Immunity

"The U-Foes are protecting a base built into this location underneath Central Park. Cable and Deadpool were arguing about the best caliber of ammunition for a weapon that hasn't been invented yet, and happened to run across them. Dear Reader, guess what happened next?"

Heroes Required: Cable and Deadpool
Appears in: Chapter 1 - Excalibur, Premium Mission: To Catch a Thief
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Spicy Empowered Iso-8, Instant Empowered Iso-8

The battle begins with Ironclad as the first wave. Ironclad will use Punch on Deadpool, and after the first attack Deadpool uses "Boooooooooooooooring!" doing nothing in battle. Ironclad is considerably weak compared to his other appearances that despite having two stacks of Шаблон:EI-Enraged Enraged he can be defeated in under a few hits by either Cable or Deadpool.

The next Wave with the remaining U-Foes members starts with a twist, as Deadpool begins the round using Redesign Encounter. This turns him into the opposing side and replaces Vector in battle, but retaining Vector's turn order Icon, his Blaster class, and Deadpool's Passive Effects, along with gaining a new Heroic Battle-exclusive Effect called Шаблон:EI-Lover-boy Lover-boy in which he protects Cable and Vapor from all single target attacks. Every time it would be Vector's turn in a round, Deadpool will do nothing but add another stack for his Passive Effects. This leaves Cable alone versus Deadpool, Vapor and X-Ray. Proper timing and use of Cable's Techno-Organic Overdrive are needed in order to succeed in this battle.