Combat in Marvel: Avengers Alliance is divided into two types: Player Versus Enemy (PVE) and Player Versus Player (PVP).

Combat Screen LayoutПравить

Combat Screen.png

Combat screen

  • Upper Screen - Character turn order
    • Blue background - Ally
    • Red background - Enemy
    • Gray vertical bar - End of Round
  • Lower Screen (Left to right)
Файл:Agent Weapon Slot.png Agent's Gear
Hero's Skills
Use one of the 4 Slots to perform action.
Agent Recharge.png Recharge Recharges 40% of total stamina. Consumes a turn.
Файл:Agent Inventory.png Supplies Use one of the available supplies. Consumes a turn.
Файл:Agent Distress Call.png Distress Calls Call a friend to assist. Can only be used once per battle. Doesn't consume a turn.
Файл:Combat Store.png Combat Store Use Elite supplies at the cost of Gold.

Player Versus EnemyПравить

The player is represented by the Agent in the game. Two Heroes join the Agent in a Team, which fights against opposing forces in the combat screen. The opposing forces may contain up to three generic Enemies and/or Villains. Combat may involve several waves of enemies.

Each character takes a turn to perform an action. This may involve the use of skills, weapons, or supplies. Some characters may perform actions have have Buffs that allow them to have an extra turn. A character is Knocked Out when their health falls to zero.

A Distress Call may be activated without using a turn.

The Agent enables the use of Supplies during combat by any member of the team. If the Agent is knocked out, the rest of the team will no longer have access to supplies.

After the end of the fight, the player's score is calculated based on the PvE Score Modifier, which may include Team-Up Bonuses.

Player Versus PlayerПравить

Main article: PVP

PVP combat is currently centered around PVP Tournaments. It is similar to PVE combat, except the opposing force is another player's team.

The use of Supplies, Distress Calls, and the Combat Store is disabled during PVP combat.


An Overkill occurs when a character deals damage to an opponent and decreases HP greatly beyond 0. For example, a player dealing 149 damage to an opponent with 100 Health results in an overkill (150 damage would be Massive Overkill and 200 damage an Epic Overkill).


  • Overkill - 25% HP below 0
  • Massive Overkill - 50% HP below 0
  • Epic Overkill - ~95% HP below 0

Combat BackgroundsПравить

Main article: Combat Background

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