Effect Icon 007 Red  Blinded/Ослеплен
Дебафф 2 раунда
 Снижает меткость следующей атаки

Связанные / Подобные эффекты:

Effect Icon 007 Red Distraction

Effect Icon 009 Red Dizzy

2 раунда
Effect Icon 007 Red
 Снижает меткость следующей атаки


Icon Name
Uniform Blaster 6 MaleUniform Blaster 6 Female Blaster's Power Armor
Effect Icon 012 Green Reflexive Flash


Icon Name
Gamma Hammer Gamma Hammer
Effect Icon 127 Red Side Effects
50px X-ploiter


Icon Name
50px Dyed Egg


Name Ability Chance
Hawkeye Icon 2
Hawkeye-Sure Shot
Smoke Bomb Arrow

Hawkeye-Arrow Volley
Smoke Bomb Volley
Шаблон:EI-Loaded Quiver Loaded Quiver
Шаблон:EI-Smoke Bomb Arrow Smoke Bomb Arrow

Punisher Icon 1
Blaster Punisher
Punisher-Nerve Gas
Nerve Gas
Red Hulk Icon 1
 Red Hulk
Red Hulk-Gamma Bomb
Gamma Bomb

Effect Icon 127 Red Side Effects

Scarlet Witch Icon 1
 Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch-Probability Field
Probability Field

Effect Icon 006 Blue Probability Field



Name Ability
Brute Icon
Dirty Fighting
Chiyome Icon
Fan Toss
Crimson Cowl Icon
 Crimson Cowl
Blinding Teleport
Emergency Teleport
Dark Hawkeye Icon
 Dark Hawkeye
Smoke Bomb Arrow
Elektra Icon
Flash Bomb
Chapter 10 - Mission 6
Hand Ninja Icon
 Hand Ninja
Blinding Slash
Hand Soldier Icon
 Hand Soldier
Blinding Slash
Mission Chapter 8 - Mission 5, Chapter 9 - Mission 3, Chapter 10 - Mission 2, Chapter 10 - Mission 6
Hand Spy Icon
 Hand Spy
Blinding Slash
Hand Spy Icon
 Hand Viper
Blinding Slash
Hand Warrior Icon
 Hand Warrior
Blinding Slash
Kunoichi Icon
Fan Toss
Living Monolith Icon
 Living Monolith
Spec Op 6.3
Eye of Horus
Mindless One Icon
 Mindless One
Unseeing Gaze
Mindless One B Icon
 Mindless One (B)
Unseeing Gaze
Mindless One P Icon
 Mindless One (P)
Unseeing Gaze
Onna Bugeisha Icon
 Onna Bugeisha
Fan Toss
Ravager Icon Ravager2 Icon
Dirty Fighting

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  • It is referred to as "Blind" in some Effect descriptions.
  • This can removed by performing Subtle or defensive actions.
  • The effect can stack up to 2 times.
  • As of the November 12, 2013 update, Blinded no longer stacks with Distraction.